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An Elevated Concrete Path Is a Stylish and Functional Addition to Your Home

Walkways are often underestimated for their importance. However, they serve a critical purpose while adding beauty and character to a property.

Elevated concrete walkways can be a great option for homeowners and businesses looking to add extra durable and functional space.

Unlike poured concrete slab floors, elevated walkways don’t rest directly on grass or rock. Instead, they levitate above that surface and can be placed on sand, dirt, ground cover, or pebbles. Click to learn more.

concrete walkway

Concrete pathways are a stylish addition to any home. They are versatile and can be customized to suit any style or theme. They also provide a smooth surface suitable for wheelchairs, prams, wheelie bins, and equipment maneuvering.

They can be used in various applications, including walkways, driveways, patios, pool surrounds, and outdoor entertaining areas. They are available in multiple colors and can be matched with concrete retaining walls to create a cohesive look.

With modern varieties in concreting installation techniques, concrete pathways offer a cost-effective renovation solution. They are highly customizable and durable, adding a classy touch to your property.

Concrete pathways are heavy-duty and withstand the heaviest foot traffic in homes and commercial spaces. The durable surface will prevent unforeseen structural damage and minimize trip hazards for residents and visitors. It is also highly resistant to weathering and chemical attacks, making it an ideal material for walkways in prone-to-wet areas.

Durability means the ability to withstand many cycles of freezing and thawing, impact, and fatigue. A durable material helps the environment by reducing waste and the need for replacement, which depletes natural resources and creates air and water pollution.

It is a good idea to use a form to shape the slab’s surface to increase the durability of your elevated concrete pathway. A mesh wire can also be used to improve the concrete’s strength. Once the form is in place, rake, and level the dirt over the mesh wire before pouring the concrete. Ensure to tamp the ground on the surface before adding the concrete and let it dry for five to seven days.

If you tire of walking on worn dirt paths or navigating around stepping stones constantly shifting, consider laying an elevated concrete path. It’s more challenging to work with, and once it’s done, you’ll have a durable, attractive, and practical walkway.

The first step is to excavate the area – you’ll need about a four-inch layer of gravel (or soil) for a solid base to set your pathway on. This can be laid by digging out the existing ground and leveling it, or you can buy pre-packaged aggregate that is finer than standard paving slabs.

Once the base is laid, it’s time to lay the pathway. Use the QUIKRETE Walkmaker form to do this, following the instructions on the packet for positioning and filling. Dig a void where the path is long at each end, add hardcore or gravel, and then tamp down well.

Concrete expands and contracts as it sets, which can cause cracking if you don’t introduce joints into the work. Alternatively, a concrete groover can cut evenly spaced ‘dummy joints’ across the entire path.

Once the concrete is poured and smoothed, cover it to protect it from frost or rain and wait a week before using it. After that, you’ll need to reapply a coat of concrete sealer to keep the surface shiny and new. If you don’t, the surface will become grubby over time and may stain your shoes and feet with mud or grass. You could also use mulch glue (available from garden centers) on top of the concrete to bind the rock and limit movement. This will need to be reapplied a couple of times per year.

Modern concrete walkways are a stylish alternative to paving materials that add elegance and sophistication to homes of all styles. They are also affordable to install, particularly compared to other pavement options. They are typically made from adorned concrete, which is precast or cast in place and sprayed with color during construction to achieve the desired finish. With the help of skilled Melbourne concreters, you can create a beautiful walkway that complements your home’s exterior design and fits within your budget. Contact us to discuss your pathway project. We have experience working with many clients and can bring your vision to life.